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      來源:組織與人力資源系 發布時間:2020-10-09

      主 題:Social Undermining Keeps Me Up at Night and Disengaged the Next Day: The Mediating Role of Sleep Quality and The Buffering Role of Resilience

      主講人: Zhuyi Li (National University of Singapore)

      時 間:2020-10-09 14:00

      地 點:Room 1007, Mingde Business Building

      語 言:English



      This research sheds light on the role of destructive interpersonal relationships in entrepreneurs’ work engagement by examining how and when daily social undermining from work partners affect entrepreneurs’ next-day work engagement. Building on a resource-based self-regulation perspective, we examine sleep quality as a recovery resource serving as a mechanism linking entrepreneurs’ perceived social undermining from work partners and their next-day work engagement. We further examine trait resilience as a self-regulatory resource that buffers this process. We test the theoretical model in a daily diary study. Results, based on 691 daily surveys over ten workdays from 77 entrepreneurs, largely supported our hypotheses. Perceived social undermining during the workday was negatively related to evening sleep quality, which in turn predicted next-day work engagement. In addition, resilience alleviated the impact of perceived social undermining during the workday on evening sleep quality but did not affect the impact of evening sleep quality on next-day work engagement. Our study contributes to research on how entrepreneurs’ interpersonal relationships, in particular destructive ones, affect the extent to which the entrepreneurs remain engaged in their ventures. In addition, we highlight sleep as an explanatory mechanism behind the relationship and stress the need for resilience in an entrepreneur’s daily life.


      Zhuyi Li is a fourth-year PhD candidate of Industrial System Engineering Management (Management of Technology track) at the National University of Singapore, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (minor in Mathematics) from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and a master’s degree from Columbia University. Her primary research interest is to apply management concepts into the study of entrepreneurship. She is also interested in utilizing big data methods to understand entrepreneurship as well as resolve research issues.



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